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The Micro Home

Last month, the team at Simply Storage investigated one of the most important problems facing Britain today: the housing crisis. From the government’s nationally described space standard to the retrospectively false ‘smaller homes, smaller prices’ theory, we detailed some of the key problems which led to the miniaturisation of Britain’s homes.

We also looked at a solution, too: the micro home. Offered as an alternative to the current, eye-wateringly priced homes on the market at the moment, the micro home could well be the future of affordable housing in Britain. In light of this, this month, the team at Simply Storage thought it best to explore the micro home in more depth.

What is a micro home?

Essentially, the initial concept of a micro home is a one-bedroom flat in which the bedroom can be split into two thanks to a sliding partition. The reason being, if the homeowner wishes, one half of the bedroom can be rented out to another city dweller to help save money, or simply just to get by. Most importantly, though, micro homes are small; all the available space is utilised in the most economical way possible. Cooking, living and sleeping areas blend seamlessly into one, save for a few partitions to keep things in order.

The micro home in action

The micro home is not just a concept built with young, struggling professionals in mind, the Homeless Foundation have created their own brand of micro home to help limit the vast number of Britons sleeping rough: the iKozie. Measuring in at just 17.25 square metres and inspired by the layouts of luxury yachts and first-class airline cabins, the iKozie is split into four areas. A small double bed is sandwiched between the back wall and a cupboard; the “entertainment zone” has a sofa, television and curved table; and the kitchen area includes a cooker, washing machine fridge and counter. What’s more, these homes are essentially cube-like cabins. They can be positioned simply by crane, and stacked on top of one another to form makeshift apartment blocks.

Three key benefits of micro homes

The micro home could well help thousands of homeless people in Britain find shelter and, best of all, a space of that is actually their own.Costing a mere £40,000 to build, micro homes are cheap.With a truly innovative design, micro homes utilise the space to available to them diligently. Such a quality is absolutely vital considering our population continues to increase at a rate which residential areas certainly do not.

But what about all my stuff?

If this more simple way of living appeals to you, then you might be wondering just what you will do with all of your belongings. Well, apart from a little streamlining, your best bet for keeping your belongings safe without excessive cramping is to put your most treasured items into storage, keeping the essentials with you at home. This way, you can keep all of your favourite items, whilst still being prepared for the cosier future.

Are you struggling to find places to house your belongings? Here at Simply Storage, we offer low price self-storage spaces with no minimum contract periods for both commercial and domestic usage. Count on our comprehensive storage hire services that’ll help you out no matter what situation you find yourself in. Call us today for friendly, professional advice or to hire out a unit today!

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