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What's the best way to store my possessions? 

The team at Simply Storage have over 30 years of experience in Self Storage and over that time we've seen lots of different ways that people have stored their goods. Some have been unusual but we have seen first hand what has helped keep peoples items in great condition during their life in storage. Here we share our top tips with you to ensure your items are in the best condition for storage.

Storing as much as possible in boxes enables the most cost-effective use of your storage space; it also means your goods are kept more secure and safe when transporting them.  However if you want to display your possessions within your storage unit then we can help with that too. Our experienced team will help find a solution that gives you exactly what you need.


Some top tips from our team

  • If you are storing furniture ask yourself if it needs to be protected whilst being moved, are the edges or corners fragile?

  • Books & magazines should be stored in small boxes so that they are not too heavy to carry.

  • If it's fragile then it's a good idea to protect it with bubble wrap

  • Bed mattresses should have covers on them to prevent them getting dirty or dusty when being moved.

  • Fridges & Freezers need to be emptied of perishable goods (food & drink) and need to be defrosted before they are stored. They should also be stored with their doors ajar.

  • All food or washing appliances whether large or small need to be stored in a clean condition to ensure they are kept at their best for use after storage.

We offer Packaging Supplies

Packing Boxes

Large or small sizes 
are available

Wardrobe Boxes

For keeping clothes hanging in storage



To protect fragile items during storage

Tape & Other


We provide everything you need to pack items

50% off for up to your first 8 weeks

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