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The cost of self storage depends on how much space you need

How much you pay for your storage, directly relates to how much you are storing, for how long you want to store it and how accessible you want it to be to enable you to get to your possessions.

If you don't need to access your items very often then packing your self storage unit tightly will give you the best value.  If you need access often, for example if you are a business using self storage as a warehouse space, then it is best to give yourself a little bit more room to move your items around within your unit. You may also want to have a packing area within your unit if you are packaging up stock to send out to your customers.

Usually, we quote for storage on a square foot basis so you may find it helpful to work out how many square foot of storage you will require. If you don't know then give our team a call and we can help you work out how much space you will need.  A rough guide to working out square footage is shown below however we are happy to give you an example of some of the sizes and what they could cost:

*25sqft = £18.75

*50sqft = £33.75

*75sqft = £43.75

*100sqft = £53.75

50% off for up to your first 8 weeks

*We have other sizes and the prices above are a per week price which is the minimum you would normally pay.  Don't forget to add VAT to the above and also then apply all the discounts we would give you for longer term storage and advanced payments for multiple months.  

If you find a better price elsewhere then just give us a call and we can discuss alternatives.

  • 1 Bedroom House/Flat          is 30 - 60 SQFT

  • 2 Bedroom House/Flat            is 45 - 125 SQFT

  • 3 Bedroom House/Flat            is 90 - 200 SQFT

  • 4 Bedroom House/Flat            is 175 - 250 SQFT

  • 5 Bedroom House/Flat            is 225+ SQFT

For your vehicle

  • A Transit van         is 30 - 60 SQFT

  • A Luton Van            is 45 - 90 SQFT

  • A 7 ½ Tonne Van    is 160 - 220 SQFT

  • A 20ft Container    is 175+ SQFT

For your home

  • 150 Boxes is 50 - 75 SQFT

  • 300 Boxes is 100 - 150 SQFT

  • 450 Boxes is 150 - 200 SQFT

  • 600 Boxes is 200+ SQFT

Based on average medium box size

Give our team a call and we will do our best to help. With over 30 years experience, our team are very good at estimating how much space you will need based on a brief description of what you wish to store. So if in doubt, get in touch. 

For your boxes

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