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15 Reasons To Use Self Storage Facilities

You may not have considered the use of self storage before, but there are so many reasons as to why it can help you. Here at Simply Storage we’re here to explain to you 15 reasons why our customers choose to use our self storage facilities.

Need more space at home – If you do not wish to move home, or simply can’t afford it, but have found yourself limited for space, you may wish to invest in a self storage unit. Homes today are becoming overcrowded with goods and this isn’t because we’re hoarders, it’s because we’re a nation that feel hesitant to get rid of belongings that are still in good condition; quite rightly so. Our ‘just in case’ items may upscale in value over time and they may even be special family heirlooms and collectables.

Selling a home – If you’re selling a house, then you will want to make it look the best it can be. All buyers want to see the actual home and not the contents within it. Remove some goods to attract the buyers and maybe even give the walls a fresh paint to brighten up the room and enhance the space inside.

Moving home – It’s becoming more of a common occurrence for people to leave their homes before moving into their new one. This is where self storage comes in handy and offers a place to store goods, especially for those having to stay in a rented place or their family’s home, whilst they wait for the keys to their new house.

Frequent travelling – Some customers travel a lot with work and may sublet their property whilst they’re away to maintain the house whilst they are gone. This can be a good reason to use self storage, to ensure goods are kept safe.

Divorce – Unfortunately, this is affecting the lives of many within the UK and whilst some find themselves in limbo whilst trying to find a new place to live, self storage can make their lives just that little bit easier.

Bereavement – Sadly, when someone close to us dies, it’s left up to close friends or family members to order their belongings. However, when something like this happens, the last thing we want to be considering is what to do with their things. It’s important not to get rid of things in haste, which is where self storage comes in.

Retirement – When people retire, they generally have a plan that usually involves moving home or travelling. The last thing anyone wants to do is a big spring clean before making headway on these plans. This is why it’s ideal to invest in self storage, so you can move and go on adventures without having to worry about sorting through your possessions first.

Downsizing – Once the children have moved out and bought their own homes, it can be hard to maintain a large house with those extra bedrooms, and even harder to keep up with energy bills needed to heat the whole house when you only use a few. Instead of worrying about the excess goods in your home, you can move first and come back to your items later on, with the help of self storage.

Business use – Micro-entrepreneurs are becoming more popular and many are setting up their own facilities inside self storage units, to cater for their excess stock. Self storage is a clever way for businesses to store superfluous goods such as office furniture, as they can get more for less when ordering “officeware” in bulk. By storing it and using it later on for future expansion, they are able to make savings.

University students – With more people attending Universities each year, self storage is becoming the ‘go-to’ place between terms. Moving back and forth each year can be stressful, but when your goods are safe and stored in the same city, it need not be an issue.

Renovations – By placing your goods into a self storage unit, you can guarantee their protection and safety – as it’s not unheard of for items to get lost and damaged during small or large renovations.

Hobbies & sports – Whether your hobby involves collecting, or if your sporting equipment is taking up too much room in the home, a storage unit might just be the answer to your space needs.

Baby on the way – We’ve heard it all before, “babies are small, they can’t possibly take up that much room”. With a baby on the way it’s ideal to remove any bits and pieces around the home that could be dangerous, such as excess furniture.

Garden furniture – So you’ve finally invested in garden furniture and it has come to good use during the summer; but now what? It’s important to store your furniture over the cold, frosty seasons to ensure that it’s good as new when you come to use it again next summer. If you’re stuck for space then you can rely on affordable self storage to do the job for you.

Tools – Whether you’re a builder or gardener and have accumulated a lot of tools and equipment over time and are afraid to leave them in your van overnight – self storage is a safe and secure solution to ensure your business runs without a hitch.

Here at Simply Storage we offer low price self storage spaces with no minimum contract periods for both commercial and domestic usage. Count on our comprehensive storage hire services that’ll help you out no matter what situation you find yourself in. Call us today for friendly, professional advice or to hire out a unit today!

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