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The Emotional Effect of Moving House

Over the years, it’s highly likely your home has become important to you, as you have lived and built a life there for however many years you’ve stayed. But, sometimes the right thing to do is move on and begin a new chapter in a new home and location. Understandably, this is a big change in anybody’s life, and although moving may be the right thing, it’s hard not to have apprehension about the move. The lack of order and uncertainty that plagues a move is the very reason why some people choose to drop out of buying agreements. Some even say it is one of the most stressful experiences you can encounter in your life!

There are a few common emotions everyone moving house experiences, but it’s important to understand this is completely natural and these feelings will subside after you’ve settled into your new home. Here are some common emotional effects of moving house:

Dealing with fear when moving house

Moving means a new home, new neighbourhood, and a new life. Although you may also be excited for these things, it is human nature to be fearful of change. You may start fretting over small issues and worrying if the new house is really worth the move. You may have children and fear for how well they will adjust to the new area and new school. Being nervous or hesitant for your move is natural for such a big step, but remember all the positives of moving and this should subside.

We suggest writing down all your fears or discussing them with a trusted loved one, so you can rationalise them one by one, or even sort something out that has been causing fearful emotions during the move. For example, try going out for lunch in your new neighbourhood – this will help you get to know the area quickly and possibly meet locals.

Dealing with stress when moving house

Stress is almost an everyday emotion for many working people. The added stress of moving home can send you into overdrive though, making you forgetful or irritable. Stress can put pressure on you and the relationships you hold dear, maybe causing unwelcome friction during this tense time.

We recommend exercising as frequently as possible to relieve stress and increase endorphins. Thoroughly organising your packing schedule can give a welcome sense of control during this hectic time, as well as help you stay on top of everything and make sure you don’t forget things such as payments and important dates. 

Dealing with excitement when moving house

Obviously behind all the stresses and worries, you will be excited to start a new chapter in your life. Disrupt feelings of fear and stress with genuine excitement of what the future may hold for you. When you are feeling excited, you are more likely to be productive and pack away your belongings, making the whole process of moving much easier.

Dealing with sadness when moving house

After all the immediate feelings of excitement and happiness you will feel when you first put your down payment on your new house, it is natural to feel a sense of sadness as you begin to mourn this chapter in your life which has been built in your current home. Acknowledge your feelings of sadness but try and put a positive spin on it. Think of what you’ve been grateful for but also consider what can be improved upon in your new home.

Sadness and nostalgia are normal feelings that many movers report feeling but it is important to focus on why you’re moving and the future you have in store. Again, exercise can help feelings of sadness, keeping you motivated to achieve the goals in your schedule, and writing down all the positives you have in store can keep you excited for your new chapter.

You can help tackle the emotional effect of moving house by remaining organised and using companies that are trusted by your local community who will help you every step of the way. Here at Simply Storage, our staff are on hand to help you with packing, removals, storage and any other problems or queries you may have. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, so give us a call if you need help moving to your new home!

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