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Using Self Storage for Seasonal Storage

Homes easily become cluttered with seasonal items and valuable storage space is being taken up by items you won’t use all year round. Here at Simply Storage, we provide self-storage space for customers within the Surrey area who are in need of seasonal storage. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have loads of storage space or a garage, so here are some reasons as to why seasonal storage may be the perfect option for you!


Winter is the time to reunite with family and friends, but the inevitable run up to Christmas and other events creates a massive amount of clutter and rubbish which needs to be removed so you can enjoy the warm summer months in a tidy environment. The annual spring clean allows you to remove bulky winter equipment such as Christmas decorations, outerwear, and snowshoes, so you can feel better by creating a fresh tidy house in the new year.

Summer is also a popular month for moving house, so storing your winter items in self-storage will relieve the stress of having to organise and box everything you own for the move. You can also use self-storage as a means to store your furniture, so you can decorate your new home without all your chairs and tables getting in the way or getting dirty.

Furthermore, students tend to return home in the summer months, as tenancies are up and university is finished for the year. Self-storage can help you massively with storing all your child’s belongings until they return to university when the term starts again.


When summer is over and your children return to university, and your summer belongings are no longer any use, it’s helpful to store them in our self-storage facility. Removing any patio furniture which may not survive the winter weather will help you keep them clean and undamaged for the next summer. Removing any other garden tools, toys, or barbecues you won’t be using in the winter will help keep them in pristine condition and make it easier to maintain your garden in the winter months.

Recreational summer equipment – such as blow up pools, bikes and camping gear – are large and awkward to keep in your home when you are hosting for guests over the Christmas period. Make the Christmas period as stress-free as possible and declutter your home of summer items to make room for your beautiful Christmas decorations and extra guests.

Here at Simply Storage, we do all we can to provide a hassle-free service for our customers. We provide a valuable service which allows you to leave your items in a safe and secure space for any amount of time. For more information, browse our website or give us a call!

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