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5 Reasons Why Gap Year Students Benefit from Self Storage

Many students don’t realise the benefits of using self storage when travelling during their gap year. However, student self storage can offer students exactly what they’re looking for when it comes to taking care of valuables whilst they are away for a prolonged period of time. Some students may not want to leave all of their possessions with their family or friends, as it may become a burden to them and it may be expensive for you to ship your items home and then back to your university accommodation. Here are 5 reasons you may want to take into account whilst deciding what to do with your things whilst you travel the world:

1) Cost-Effective

If you are studying abroad, it may be more cost-effective to store your personal belongings in self storage, rather than having the stress and expense of sending all your items home. This allows you to save time and money, which are important when you are saving to go on a gap year. You could also split a storage space with your friend to save even more money.

2) Flexibility and Accessibility

We offer a variety of money saving deals on storage, giving you the flexibility to choose what would be most suited for you. Here at Simply Storage, we know flexibility is key to having a stress-free experience, so we offer no minimum contract and 7 days a week access, allowing you to access your storage units at any time and any day – with your own individual key that no one else will have.

3) Maximum Security

Simply Storage Ltd offers 24/7 CCTV which gives you peace of mind when leaving your possessions in our care. We also have staff on the premises 7 days a week, consistently checking and maintaining the security of your items. Both the interior and exterior of the building are extremely well lit, adding to the already extensive security. Furthermore, leaving your things in shared accommodation at university poses a massive security risk, as you are leaving valuable items in a place where multiple people are coming and going, often with others who you may not trust. Student houses are also notorious for being targeted by thieves, so deciding to leave your things in a student house is high risk.

4) Relieves Stress

Many choose to go on a gap year to leave the daily pressures of modern life behind, so the last thing you will want to do is be stressing about the welfare of your possessions. Stress can also cause a variety of health problems, so alleviating any cause of stress before you go on your gap year will help you enjoy your travels more whilst decreasing the risk of illness.

5) Doesn’t Clutter Your Family’s Home

Now you have left home, you may not want to burden your family or friends with all your possessions whilst you travel for an extended period of time. Also, they may only have room for your things in places that do not provide the best conditions for your luggage, such as the attic and the garage. Coming home to your clothes being damp and boxes being rotten won’t be the most pleasant ending to your gap year! Let us take care of your possessions in a controlled environment which will allow you to collect your things in the condition you left them in.

We have built a strong reputation in the London, Surrey area for providing a reliable service. On your gap year the last thing you want to worry about is your possessions, so if you are currently planning your gap year, or are curious about what we have to offer, contact Simply Storage today for more information!

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