5 Tips for Safe Storage

Storing your items in a self-storage unit can feel like you’re playing a game of Tetris. Plus, not only are you worried about getting your items to fit, you’re also concerned about how to ensure your items will be safe. By the end of it all your head may feel even more cluttered than the storage unit itself! Here at Simply Storage we want to declutter your worries and offer you five top tips on how to store your items safely.

Getting a suitable lock

Our number one tip for protecting your possessions is to purchase a robust lock for your storage unit. It is unlikely that strangers would try and enter your unit unlawfully, but it is always a good idea to get a high-quality lock in case of those rare instances. Not only will great locks be extremely tough to break into, but even the sight of a solid lock will likely deter any criminals from attempting to break in in the first place.  

Protect your items

Keep your items in top condition by organising your storage so that your most valuable possessions are stored at the back of the unit. We also strongly advise buying protective covers or extra padding for those fragile items that could get damaged if they fall.


For extra peace of mind, you could take out insurance on your items. This is where you pay a little bit of money to be protected and reimbursed in the unlikely event that anything does happen to your items.

Be careful of what you store

Be weary of the items you are storing, and consider whether they could be hazardous to other items. Liquids, for example, may damage other items – especially electrical items – if spilled. On a more serious level, always be cautious of storing combustible items such as paints or chemicals as these could explode and cause serious damage to your belongings and the storage unit.


CCTV is a top way to keep track of your storage unit at all times. You could get CCTV yourself, but this can be expensive and difficult to install. Alternatively, choose a storage company, such as Simply Storage, that offers CCTV with all their storage units.

At Simply Storage, we keep security a priority. Not only are our storage units crafted with highly robust materials and security features in place, but we also implement round the clock CCTV operations on all our storage units. We never let a storage unit out of sight, but for even greater security, we employ a dedicated team to regularly check out our site and ensure your possessions are kept safe.

If you’re concerned about safety when it comes to self-storage, store with a company you can trust. Simply Storage always keep security at the forefront of our mind. We’re dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of security on all our storage options. For more information about our security features, or any of our services, get in contact with our friendly team today.

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