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Creating Space At Home With A Spring Clean

Throw open your windows; the sunshine is finally back. No more hibernating under mountains of blankets and trying to dry clothes across multiple rooms indoors. With the advent of spring it’s a great opportunity to make space in your home by having a spring clean.

To help you get through the task at hand – leaving no stone unturned – we’ve put together a checklist of rooms and the jobs which need tackling. We’ll talk you through some of the rooms here, but remember, if you still need more room after a spring clean, you can always make use of self-storage facilities to keep hold of your things.

General Spring Clean For All Rooms

There are some basic tasks which you’ll need to perform in every room, getting back on top of your cleaning and organising while giving you more time to enjoy the weather in summer!

  • Dusting – Get rid of the layer of dust on all your surfaces, shelves, and even your television

  • Clean Windows – Let the sunshine in by cleaning all windows and frames inside and out

  • Skirting Boards – This oft overlooked area of your home can always benefit from a wipe down

  • Furniture – Upholstered furniture can be brought back to life by cleaning covers and vacuuming dust and crumbs – a damp cloth can even suffice

  • Carpets & Rugs – While you might vacuum regularly throughout the year, getting your carpets professionally cleaned will be a revelation


The hub of many homes, your kitchen should be fresh and accessible, so what better time than spring to give everything a deep clean in this area.

  • Oven – Have you been putting off cleaning your oven? You might as well get stuck into this while you’re on the warpath

  • Fridge – Over time, the mixture of moisture from meats, cheeses and your questionable veg might have created a mess, give this a deep clean and throw out all the old food

  • Dishwasher – Many dishwashers have a self-cleaning cycle, but if not you can always get in there and clean the filter yourself

  • Counters – Get the cleaning products, then clear the space and give your counters a thorough clean


A tricky area of the home to clean, it’s in constant use and things can get messy if you leave this too long, but with a deep spring clean you give yourself a head start for the year ahead.

  • Toilet, Shower & Sink – The main culprits, you’ll need to give these areas a good scrub, using specific products to get the right shine without streaks

  • Mirror – Another area in need of it’s sparkle, wipe and dry your mirror off to get rid of splash marks

  • Shower Curtain – If you have a shower curtain you might find it has developed mildew and stains from the constant humidity, stick it in the washing machine if possible or hand wash it in the sink to freshen it up again


Whether you hang out in your bedroom, or only use it for sleeping, a sprucing up will do your boudoir the world of good.

  • Linen – All your blankets and bedding should be changed regularly, but do a mass wash to get everything smelling fresh at the same time

  • Mattress – Now would be a good time to vacuum and flip your mattress, giving you a fresh, plump bed to lie on

  • Wardrobe – Organise yourself for the coming year, donate any old clothes to charity and give yourself some space, or put items you can’t bear to get rid of into storage


If you work from home, or just like a quiet, dedicated space for carrying out your hobbies, having a tidy, clean and organised office room will ensure you can focus on the things you need to.

  • Clutter – Have a serious tidy up here, chuck out the clutter or move important documents to storage if you have too many to keep

  • Books – Give your books a shake to lose the dust and wipe the shelves down, you could also donate any books you no longer want to charity

  • Computer – Whether it’s a laptop or your desktop, dust and grime can clog your computer, so give it a thorough clean to keep it in top condition

By following our checklist, you can ensure you get a full spring clean done ready for the glorious weather, making your house the perfect place to relax or host a summer party or barbeque.

Remember, if you’re looking to free up space but can’t bear to part with your possessions, whether it’s a collection of shoes, your important documents or a variety of items, look no further than Simply Storage for flexible personal and business storage options.

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