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Do I Need Insurance for my Self Storage?

Here at Simply Storage, we offer comprehensive insurance packages to every customer who wishes to store their items with us. Now you may be thinking: “Hey Simply Storage — if your security really is top-of-the-range, with your robust storage units, 24/7 CCTV operation and on-site patrols, then why do I need to get insurance? Shouldn’t everything be safe already?”

It’s a fair question — and one that we get asked regularly. So today we’ve written this article to help you understand the benefits of taking out insurance with us — even at our highly secure facility.

Types of Insurance

Before we go into why taking out insurance is a good idea, we want to detail the types of insurance we offer here at Simply Storage.

We have two types: contents insurance and liability insurance.

Contents insurance – taking out contents insurance means you have a safety net in case any of your items get lost or damaged. Contents insurance guarantees you financial reimbursement for the value of your lost or damaged items.

Liability insurance – taking out liability insurance provides you assurance that you will be covered for any claims relating to the negligence of our business, staff or operations. We offer this so you can have full confidence in our ability to operate sufficiently.

Why get insurance?

There are many reasons why to get insurance, even when using an extremely secure storage facility, such as at Simply Storage.

Extra peace of mind – You can never have too much security. Storing highly valuable items is always going be somewhat nerve-racking, which is why many of our customers find it comforting to get as much protection as they possibly can for their possessions. Though our facilities are highly secure, obtaining insurance guarantees your monetary loss will be absolutely zero, no matter what happens.

This applies to our liability insurance as well. We’ll provide you with peace of mind against any negligence caused on our behalf, with assurances that you’d receive payouts against any winning legal claims. Of course, we like to think that no such negligence would occur, but we understand that first-time users of our facilities find it comforting that we offer this.

Protect against situations out of our control – We’re proud of the services and high security we offer at Simply Storage, but unfortunately there are just some things that we — or any storage facility for that matter — can’t control. This includes the weather, for example. Lightning storms hitting our facilities and causing fires or extremely damaging floods and earthquakes are rare occurrences that we can attempt to reduce, but not entirely evade. Therefore getting insurance will cover your items in case of loss or damage in events such as these that we cannot control.

Here at Simply Storage, we understand that leaving your items — especially valuable items — in storage can be worrying. That’s why we do all we can to make the experience as safe and hassle-free as possible for our customers. If you want to learn more about our insurance options, take a look here. Alternatively, give us a call if you have any questions — we’re always happy to hear from you.

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