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Emigrating To Australia: The Facts

Every year hundreds of thousands of people emigrate away from the UK. The reasons are quite varied, it can be out of necessity for work or it can be to retire to warmer climates. Australia is a popular destination for many expats, mostly because of the sunshine but also because of higher wages, lower taxes and a way of life which is perceived to be better than that here in the UK.

If you’re looking at making the switch for a new life Down Under, whether it’s a temporary trial or a permanent move, we’ve got a handy guide to some of the key things you should know about emigrating to Australia.


Since one of the main things people seek when emigrating is a better climate – doing away with all the grey skies and rain in the UK – it’s important to take a look at the weather in Australia. It’s a big country and has 2,969,907 square miles of land, this means it spans across several different regions where temperatures and climate conditions vary.

The south-east coast of Australia, containing New South Wales and Victoria, is a popular destination since it is considered to be the more temperate area of the country. Moving more centrally inland there a desert like conditions whilst the most northern regions are some of the hottest, with the northern tip of Queensland hitting equatorial temperatures. Investigate areas you most likely want to live in to see if the conditions suit you personally.


While people love the culture and the climate in Australia, work is one of the biggest issues when it comes to emigrating successfully. There is a strict policy in place where you will only be allowed to move permanently if you have the skills which they are currently looking for. You can check this on the Skilled Occupations List but if you don’t have what is required in any form you won’t be permitted on a permanent basis.

One way to experience the Aussie lifestyle before deciding on a permanent switch is to get a working visa. This will allow you to explore, work and decide on whether or not to move.


Criminal activity might not be something which you think about when dreaming of your new life but you should always investigate the area you intend to move to. There are plenty of statistics from each state for you to pour over, but on the whole crime rates have fallen in the last decade. Depending on whether you are moving with children or not you should also take a look at education for the area you choose too, making sure your new home will be safe and that your children have access to the best facilities.

The Application Process

It’s never as straightforward as hopping on the plane and getting to the country you’ll want to call home. There is a process to be followed – if you are even granted permission at all – which can take 6-8 months in total and can cost well in excess of £3000. You can begin your application here, or research more about the topic first.

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