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Hoarders and their collections

We all have things we’re obsessively passionate about, some of us may even have collections, but there are many people in the world who take it one step further and allow their collecting to take over their lives and sometimes their homes. This month we’ll look at some of the world’s most passionate hoarders and what they go out of their way to collect.

Rubber Ducks

A classic bath time toy, most people will have a rubber duck by the tub – especially if they’ve got children – but one lady over in Seattle, Washington has taken things to the next level. Charlotte Lee is a dedicated collector and has so far amassed over 5,000, holding the record for the largest rubber duck collection in previous years. Space has become something of a concern recently however, meaning some of her collection – which usually lives in her basement – might end up being adopted by a museum or exhibition.

Miniature Books

You might be thinking that a miniature book collection isn’t such a bad idea, but regardless of how small an item might be, a whole collection can be quite overwhelming. Collector Jozsef Tari has over 5,200 books – all of which come in at 76mm and under.

This tiny library was inspired by printer school, but soon began to take over shelves, with Mr Tari collecting multiple copies to ensure he has things to exchange with.

Barbie Dolls

The classic blonde doll has been around for a very long time; entertaining and sometimes controversial. No doubt there are many collectors in the world, but Jian Yang says his collection stretches to well over 6,000 dolls. Ignoring the social norms, he has collected every Barbie he can get his hands on, displaying them on shelves with pride. He has, however, admitted that he would have more savings without his obsession.

Airplane Spoons

The world of collecting isn’t limited to pop culture; for some people an obsession with a particular object can take hold without warning. Dieter Kapsch has amassed a collection of airplane spoons reaching over 1,700 – some from airlines which are no longer in operation. What started off as a practical acquisition has turned into lifelong pursuit, ending up with an online photographic catalogue.

Bin Laden Miscellania

Probably the strangest entry onto this list of collections is UK resident Martin Parr’s Bin Laden memorabilia. The items include everything from mugs to toilet paper, with Mr Parr collecting anything with the former Al Qaeda leader on it. Since his death, there has been a new rash of memorabilia, with Mr Parr stating that it’s in his personality to be a collector of any sort.

While having a collecting hobby can be fun, it’s always easy to allow such a thing to become hoarding.

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