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How Self Storage Can Be Beneficial At Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, the chances are that you aren’t thinking too much about your surplus items – you’re probably too busy thinking about the number of Christmas presents you still have left to buy! But, unfortunately, Christmas is a period where our homes, offices and retail spaces are filled with excess stuff, something which only adds to the mania.

To help combat this problem, self storage can be an excellent option for both families and business owners alike, helping you reduce some of the Christmas clutter. With this in mind, this month the team at Simply Storage will be providing some reasons for how self-storage can be beneficial at Christmas.

How your family could benefit from self-storage at Christmas

If you are having various family members come to stay at Christmas, then you will be needing to put them up in a spare bedroom. There is just one problem: many families use their spare bedrooms as extra storage space, meaning that you may have to do some speedy decluttering prior to their arrival. To help with this, you could leave your excess items in a storage unit throughout the festive season, and collect it in the new year.

If you’ve decided to treat your children this Christmas, there is a chance that you’ve bought them a rather large gift, a trampoline perhaps? If this is the case, then you may be stuck with nowhere to store. So, it seems that a storage unit could well be the answer!Similarly, if the Christmas presents seem to be mounting up this year, then you may be struggling to hide them all from eager relatives. To combat this, why not put them all in a self-storage unit until the big day?

How your business could benefit from self-storage this Christmas

If your business is overrun with stock this Christmas, then you’re probably panicking about how you’re going to deal with it all. Well, we would suggest looking to hire a self-storage unit to keep all of your goods in. The flexibility of this solution allows you to respond easily to seasonal demands.If you’re a retailer, then the chances are that you will need to put up a Christmas display in your shop.

From large Santa cut-outs to giant Christmas trees, Christmas displays are rarely small. As such, you may need somewhere to store excess stock to make way for your display. The answer: a self-storage unit!If Christmas is a quieter period for your office, you may be thinking about decorating. If so, you may need a storage unit to keep your furniture during the refurb.

Do you have some important items that you need storing this Christmas? Simply Storage can help. Based in Surrey, Simply Storage’s team operate throughout Croydon, Epsom, Hounslow, Kingston Upon Thames, Surbiton, Surrey, Wimbledon and Worcester Park. We are experts in home or business storage solutions and always offer competitive rates. If you wish to book our services, please get in touch with a friendly adviser today.

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