How self-storage can help your business in 2014

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

With 2013 well and truly behind us we can all look to the future, and for many people the new year means a new start. Whether you’re planning on making big changes or just setting a small goal as a resolution to take forward in 2014, we’ve got a series of reasons why self-storage can play a huge part in making your business a success this year. There is a difficult economic climate out there still but there does appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel, giving businesses – big and small – reasons to look ahead of them.

The positivity which is starting to build in the economy could mean that you’re finally ready to expand as a business, it’s a big step and one you won’t be taking lightly. On the flip side if your business happens to have taken a knock then you might be looking to contract your operations and reduce costs. Whether you’re feeling a resurgence of confidence or looking to consolidate what you have there are ways in which self-storage can help.


Fledgling businesses and seasoned businesses alike can take advantage of personal self-storage when considering relocating offices or premises. It’s an opportunity to gain a better foothold in your location or just improve on the offices you have to give a better impression of quality for staff and visitors. When you’re moving location there are a lot of things to take and it might be ideal to store some of the non-essentials before the move.

Even if you’re business is relocating to lower costs and reduce the space you use you can utilise the self-storage options available. It will ease the stress of your move knowing that your stock, equipment or furniture is safe ready for when you get the keys to your new place.

New Year, New Things

In the New Year it is a chance to reassert your authority and you might even be brave enough to try new products, services and acquire new clients. This will all mean more things taking up room in your place of business, and the chances are you will start to see an overflow. You don’t want to find things piled in hallways or have boxes of products being used as doorstops just to find a place for them. With self-storage you can put any spill-over items or documents which start to accumulate somewhere safe until you know what you are going to do with them, you can have as much access as you like too, so it’s available on the off chance that you need something important.

If you plan to stockpile something for the New Year but don’t quite have the room this is also a useful solution with contracts available for both the short and the long term.

Freshen up your building

Spring will be here before you know it and what could be more depressing for staff, customers and visitors than the same old, tired looking décor? Most people plan DIY regardless of the weather and usually in the first half of the year while the business gets back up to speed. To get any renovations or decorating done you will need to move furniture and machinery out of your premises and self-storage is a great way to give you the space you need to get on with giving your place of business a facelift.

No matter what your strategy is for the New Year and no matter what you think your fortunes will be in 2014 you will always have personal self-storage available to you to help in your operations. Here at Simply Storage we pride ourselves on working with businesses to create a secure storage solution with ease of access – helping them go from strength to strength.

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