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How To Choose A Removal Company

When you decide to move it’s not taken lightly, there are a lot of different aspects to a move which need to be covered and the actual move itself is one of the biggest. Many people are tempted by the false economy of saving money and tackling the move themselves, relying on friends or family to help out when they realise they’ve bitten off more than they can chew.

By paying for a removals company to take care of the packing, heavy lifting, transportation and unpacking in your new home you save time, hassle and you won’t put yourself at risk of injury. However, choosing the right removal company can often be a difficult task. That’s why we’ve put together a short guide to help you choose the right removals company for your move.

Is a removals company right for me?

If you can fit all your possessions into one car and don’t have far to travel then it’s possible you can get away with not making use of a removals company. But for the majority of people there are a lot of large items to move including furniture and mattresses which need to be taken further afield.

Your friends and family will always be there for you but the schedule of your move may not be adaptable to their plans if they have other responsibilities. If you make arrangements and they let you down it could be costly for you in the long.

Get a quote for the best deal

Not all removals companies will charge the same, and some may even offer different services. Get a professional quote and ensure the companies you speak to get an accurate idea of when you want to move, how much you want to transport and whether you need packing materials. Only a detailed assessment will give you the best idea of how much it will cost and who is offering the best deal. Check for recommendations in your local area too, if the company has operated in your area before it’s likely they will be more efficient in their work as they will know the area.

Leave enough time to arrange the service

If you call up the day before you’re due to move it’s possible that the best removals companies won’t be able to help you. Alternatively, they may be able to squeeze you in but it will feel like a rushed process for you. Be sure to sort out which removals company you wish to help you with your move, they can give you advice on preparing your home and you’ll have several weeks to slowly organise other details in your move. Remember also that the spring/summer season is the most popular time to move for everyone.

Don’t trust cowboys

If you come across a company operating without an accreditation or without any kind of membership with a guild or association then they are best avoided. When a company has accreditations and is part of a membership scheme you know that they are serious about their business. It promotes safe practice and gives you reassurance when you put your most treasured possessions into their care.

When considering your transport options for a move then look no further than Simply Storage. We offer professional removals services to help your move go as smoothly as possible, contact us today to discuss your requirements and we’ll be happy to help.

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