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How to Choose a Reputable Self Storage Company

Leaving your personal and most valuable items with a storage company for the first time can be a daunting prospect. With a plethora of storage companies to choose from, how can you be sure you’ll pick one that is safe? Here at Simply Storage, we believe you should only trust in the best. We’ve written this article to help you understand which features you should be looking for when choosing a reputable storage company.


In order to be a reputable, trustworthy storage company they must, of course, have the absolute highest standards of security. These standards entail having the following services:

Round the clock CCTV – CCTV operation allows the storage facilities to be viewed at all times. CCTV mainly works as a deterrent, but any issues or threats that do arise can be dealt with in real time.

Insurance cover – Trustworthy companies will offer you comprehensive insurance options for your items. This is the best way to ensure that valuable possessions will be replaced in the rare event that they are lost or damaged on the companies behalf.

Staff on site – In the event of suspicious activity, it’s always good to know that there are staff on site to deal with it promptly. You generally want to avoid companies that leave their facilities vacant.

Lock and key – Reputable storage companies will provide you with a personal lock and key for your possession only. The lock should be of high quality and should only be able to be opened by the single key in your possession. You should be allowed to use the key at your leisure and not require staff intervention to open the unit.


Flexibility is also important when choosing to store your items. You want to ensure you have access to your items when you need them. Make sure the company you choose offers the following features:

No minimum contract period – You don’t want to be restricted from accessing your own possessions by unfair contract periods. It’s natural to change your mind on how long to store an item, so we highly recommend choosing a company that caters for all durations of storage.

Access 7 days a week – Emergencies may occur in which you need to access your storage unit. The last thing you need is to find you have been restricted from doing so, as you can only gain access on certain days. Reputable storage companies offer access to your stored items 7 days a week.


They say the customer is always right, and a reputable storage company is going to go the extra mile to ensure the customer’s experience is efficient, safe and easy.

Packing materials – Offering packing materials will help make the transition between home/office and storage much easier. A solid, comprehensive range of packing materials should hopefully reflect the high quality of the storage service.

Van hire – Similarly, many reputable companies will offer van hire to provide a smooth transition to the storage facility. If a business doesn’t go above and beyond to help a customer in this way then they may not be the right choice for your storage needs.

Here at Simply Storage we offer all these services within our facilities. This is to ensure each customer receives the best possible care for their items. For more information, give our team a call today.

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