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How To Organise Your Self Storage Unit For Access

Make the most of your storage unit with our top tips on how to organise your belongings. Not only will planning enable you to maximise the use of your rented space, it will also enable you to access your goods with absolute ease. Follow our suggestions and you will be well on your way to having the most ideal, accessible storage space to rely on.

Choose a suitably sized unit

It’s always better to have more room than less when hiring a unit; it can be easy to underestimate the space that your belongings may accommodate. This is why we suggest writing down a list of the items you need to store, as this can help storage companies to determine what size unit will be appropriate for your requirements.

By investing in a slightly larger space you can always add to it, but with a smaller space, you are limited to its confines and may have to upsize in future. When thinking of the space you need, you will also want to consider leaving room for a walkway to help you move around when retrieving your possessions.

If you’re worried about the size of unit you require, talk to our professionals, who’ll point you in the right direction to a reasonable and affordable solution.


Start by drawing out the room, so you can figure out what will go where. Try to keep heavy furniture and large items such as tumble dryers towards the back of the unit and around the perimeter as you’re less likely to need these items urgently. Plan what can be packed into boxes, what items will need plastic coverings and whether you’ll need dust sheets. Find out how to store specialist items such as instruments, surfboards and kayaks to ensure they say in a good condition whilst in storage. Last but not least, you should compile a list of things you will need first and plan to house them at the front of your unit for quick access.

Planning is crucial when sorting your goods because there’s nothing more irritating than not being able to find what you’re looking for. By shoving your goods into a large space, you can break fragile antiques, damage cables on electronics and tear important documents or precious photographs. General lack of organisation can have a negative impact for your health and safety too. If you overlook planning and organise your goods without due care, it will not only waste valuable time, it also can result in unforeseen accidents and potential injury.


Be methodical when packing your possessions and make sure you label each box – it’s impossible for you to remember everything that’s in them. Categorise them into rooms such as kitchen, lounge, bathroom, bedroom – this way you will have a good chance of finding the right thing when you go looking.

Try to use more smaller boxes rather than fewer larger ones. Larger boxes will undoubtedly be heavier and therefore can be harder to shift and more likely to damage other items if they fall. Use bubble wrap, packing paper to protect your ornaments and kitchenware. Cover mattresses with breathable plastic sheets and cover large appliances with dust sheets to keep them free from dust, scratches and scrapes.


You’ve already made a plan, so stick to it. Keep your plan with you on the day you move your goods to ensure you use every square foot of the unit wisely. Think strategically; use drawers on dressers and place light boxes inside fridges to keep things neatly compact.

*Top Tip* – If you’ve made a plan of everything that’s inside, leave it in the unit so you can refer back to it when you visit.

Based in Surrey, Simply Storage’s experts working amongst: Croydon, Epson, Hounslow, Kingston Upon Thames, Surbiton, Surrey, Wimbledon and Worcester Park. There to help you with home or business storage solutions, transport or packing facilities, at affordable rates. If you wish to book our services, please get in touch with a friendly advisor today.

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