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How To Prepare Office Documents For Storage

If your business is expanding or you are moving premises you have probably got a million and one things you need to do, one of which is getting all of your documents into storage. Although it might seem as though there are more pressing things to do, if you want to hit the ground running after your move, the proper preparation of your documents before storage will save you a huge amount of hassle. With that in mind, the team at Simply Storage are on hand to run you through the basics of sorting your documents before they’re locked up.

Uniform storage boxes

Even if you are short on time, it is important to make sure that all of your storage boxes are the same, if not, at least the same size. This way, all boxes can be easily stacked, moved and rearranged with minimal hassle. This is a more obvious point if all of your documents are the same size, but the same still goes if they vary; try and make sure your boxes are around as big as your largest files, allowing for tessellation whilst in storage.


This point cannot be stressed enough: whether or not you label all of your documents and boxes diligently will be the difference between a seamless transition to your business’ next endeavour, and an administrative mess. So, make sure you go through all of your boxes and label them properly,ensuring that they are labelled on all sides! This isn’t excessive – pulling a box out to check the label is a pain.


Unfortunately, no matter how easy it is to stack your boxes, shelving will be a necessity if you don’t want the whole system tumbling down on you! With that in mind, some sturdy shelving will be an excellent addition to your storage facility. However, make sure you leave a big enough walkway, ensuring that the retrieving/storing of documents isn’t a squeeze!

Savvy stacking!

Another important choice is the manner in which you choose to organise your documents. Alphabetically is one way of doing it, however, we wouldn’t suggest this; it completely fails to acknowledge how often the documents are used! So, instead, why not try and organise them in such a way that does reflect this, by keeping the most important ones at eye level? This will save a great deal of time in the long run, stopping you from having to reach to the top rack for important files.

Keep an inventory

An inventory would be useful for your storage unit, especially if you have a particularly large number of files. Whether it’s to control what stock goes into storage or to simply determine just what kind of files have been stored, it would be a useful point of reference.

Do you have some important documents that you need storing for your business? Simply Storage can help. Based in Surrey, Simply Storage’s team operate throughout Croydon, Epsom, Hounslow, Kingston Upon Thames, Surbiton, Surrey, Wimbledon and Worcester Park. We are experts in home or business storage solutions and always offer competitive rates. If you wish to book our services, please get in touch with a friendly adviser today.

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