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How To Store Your Christmas Decorations

Once December arrives most people across the country excitedly unpack their Christmas decorations, but it can turn into something of a nightmare when you open the box to find that everything is in a complete tangle. In your haste to pack the decorations away it can be easy to forget about having to de-tangle and arrange them next year.

But it doesn’t take much forethought or planning to help your future-self out by taking on some of the simple tips which we’ve put together for storing your decorations in an efficient and organised way.

Boxes & Containers

Finding something for which to contain your decorations in should be easy as you can get boxes for free from local shops and supermarkets if you ask nicely. You can also get plastic storage boxes but no matter what you go for you need to make sure it is sturdy enough to take all the weight you’ll be placing in it. If you’re short on space in your home then it might be worthwhile for you to rent space at a local storage facility, giving you the space back in your attic or garage where those cumbersome Christmas decorations might usually live.

At Simply Storage we offer fantastic storage spaces with easy access and an assortment of packing materials to suit your needs. If you need an easy way to identify your Christmas box then simply stick a Christmas card to the box and you’ll have no trouble picking it out when next December rolls around.

Untangle Those Lights

A top frustration for many people is finding that they neglected to sort their lights out when they took them down last year, this leads to a big tangle to sort through and the possibility of broken bulbs.

Here are some tips for putting them into storage:

  • Inspect the lights to check they all work when taking them down

  • Replace faulty lights and tighten loose ones

  • Use a cardboard tube to wrap the lights around

  • Place the plug in a tin and wrap the lights around the tinCover with bubble wrap

If you have battery operated Christmas lights – these are popular at the moment – make sure you take the batteries out before putting them into storage. This helps to prevent corrosion while they are in storage.


For many people a bauble can hold sentimental value, many people also invest in more expensive baubles to decorate their tree. This added significance means you should handle them gently and give them a quick shine before putting them away. Wrap them individually in tissue paper and bubble wrap and then place the heavier items lower down so as not to crush your baubles.


Much like with your baubles, your ornaments should be delicately handled to avoid damage. Group together the less dainty items to make packing easier and place them into smaller bags – freezer bags and carrier bags both work well for this.

Wreaths & Trees

If you have a wreath you will need to cover it before it goes into storage. Plastic trees can be tricky to store but also needs to be covered, take it apart and find a suitable box for the parts so that they are in the same place when it comes to build your tree next year.

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