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Ideas for transforming your spare room

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Thousands of people across the nation are wasting precious space by allowing their spare rooms to languish as a dustbowl for storage. With self-storage options readily available, there’s really no excuse to let your spare room suffer any more. The truth is, you don’t have to own a mansion to indulge in a gym or home cinema. If you take the time to unclog an area of your house, you too can bring a little luxury into your home. Don’t squander space, and instead, take a look at our guide to some ideas for your spare room transformation.

Arts and crafts studio

Many people possess an artistic flair, but struggle to find room to practice their hobby. Build your own creative haven by turning your musty old room into a light, airy studio or workshop where you can get inspired and unleash your creativity.

Library reading room

The book lovers amongst us dream of having our own personal library; somewhere we can settle down with a good book and escape from reality. Add a touch of cosiness by kitting out your spare room with some shelves, and a comfy sofa or two, while painting the walls with warm, earthy colours. Install a snug window seat for the perfect finishing touch.


Keep active without the hassle of paying gym memberships or jogging in the rain. Having a gym in the home is sure to motivate and propel you onto a path of good health and fitness. And you don’t need to fork out for expensive equipment for it to serve its function. Start by getting a few cheap essentials together, such a yoga mat, mini trampoline or an exercise ball.

Office or study sanctuary

Boost your productivity by turning your spare room into a home office. Kids and adults alike will benefit from a serene space to focus and get their tasks done in peace and quiet. Adorn the room with shelves, desks and ergonomic chairs to create a comfortable, concentrated atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the household.

Games room

Inject some frivolity into your family home by creating a space just for fun and games. Every parent knows how irritating it is to tread on a piece of abandoned lego or clear up the contents of a scattered board game, so why not give your kids a space of their own to play and learn? But games aren’t just for kids. Why not take inspiration from the old days and create your own stately billiard room for some refined after dinner entertainment? If you’re not feeling as opulent, create a mini-arcade to be enjoyed by all ages.

Home cinema

Movies are something enjoyed by everyone, and this enjoyment can be amplified by giving yourself the cinematic experience from the comfort of your own home. Make movie night extra special by installing some comfy chairs, a projector screen and maybe even a special snack fridge.

Walk-In Wardrobe

It’s the stuff of dreams for most people or something reserved only for A-listers, but if you have a room to spare, it’s more feasible than you think to turn this dream into a reality. It may even make you appreciate your clothes more, as in standard wardrobes, garments can linger in dusty corners, forgotten about. Give yourself more access to your clothes by transforming it into an accessible, walk-in space.

To free up your spare room and transform it into an innovative new room, look no further than Simply Storage. We offer secure personal storage and business storage solutions for our customers across South West London and Surrey, and provide storage units and options in a range of sizes for a variety of requirements. For our expert guidance and advice, contact our team today.

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