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New Items For Recycling Bins In Surrey

You may be aware in recent news, that there are new items for the recycling bins in Surrey. Not only is this great news for the environment, but for the space in your household waste bins! Reduce your waste, increase the space, and decrease your trips to the outside bins.

New weekly collections for clothing will be included in the changes, an opportunity ideal for creating more space in your wardrobe, allowing more room for your favourite clothing. Likewise, collections for home textiles will also commence, so it’s time to get rid of old bed linen, bath linen, bulky soft furnishings and table linen that’s not being used.

Lastly, the addition of small electrical items will be included, such as:

Entertainment: CDs, mobiles, cameras, consoles, TVsKitchen appliances: kettles, microwaves, blenders, food processorsPersonal grooming: electric toothbrushes, hair dryers, hair irons, shaversGardening tools: lawn mowers and hedge trimmersEveryday items: torches, lamps, vacuum cleaners, smoke alarms

More bin space inside the home

Thanks to the new recycling system, you will have more room in your household rubbish, reducing the chance of an overflow. Sometimes fortnightly collections can lead to a buildup of waste because you have too much in your bins; and as we all know, councils will only take bins if the lids are down.

However, thanks to the new recycling scheme, your bulky electronics can be put aside and your household waste will be reduced. As a result, you won’t be stuck with last week’s rubbish – a resolution to all your problems!

Space you would also save using home storage

Bearing that in mind, sometimes we don’t wish to get rid of goods, we just need a place to hold them whilst we move, decorate or search for a larger home. If you have found yourself in this position and have bulky items taking up space, make room with a little help from personal storage.

With Simply Storage you can ensure a reliable and secure, low price, no minimum contract period. We can offer van hire and removal services for a swift, hassle-free experience. The goods you decide to store can be accessed by you 24/7, so should you decide you want them back, they can be retrieved at your convenience. Our storage rooms are extremely secure, with alarms and CCTV in operation at all times – we can guarantee your goods are safe. For the best prices and offers, please give us a call today – a member of the team will be happy to help!

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