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Organising Utilities When Moving

When you move there are some essential tasks you’ll need to carry out. One of the main things you’ll want to do is to cancel your gas and electric with your current supplier. You can let your supplier know as early as you like, but no later than 48 hours before you move. Check if your supplier has cancellation fees for the plan which you are on, some suppliers may waive this fee if you’re moving.

If you wish to stay with your current supplier at your new home then check to see if they can transfer the connection. It’s a good idea to take some time to think about your utilities, especially if you haven’t shopped around in a while. Trying some price comparisons could see you make considerable savings. Your final bill should be sent to your new address to confirm the cancellation if you do switch.

When you move into your new property you might find that the old tenants have left details about the utility suppliers. If they haven’t, you can find out by calling 0870 608 1524 for information on who supplies the gas, while you can find area distribution numbers for clues to who your electricity supplier is. Be sure to factor in charges for calls to these numbers before doing so, some may be higher if you’re using a mobile.

You may already be planning to do this, but before you set off from your old home to your new one you should take a meter reading and make a note of it. Keep one set for your records and leave one for the people moving into your old home, this way all parties can be sure what the final meter readings were and start afresh. This courtesy will be greatly appreciated and will hopefully be something the previous tenants of your new home will do for you.

In your new home you should take an initial meter reading to match any old readings the previous tenants may have left. The sooner you get readings to your new supplier the more accurate your bills will be – it will also prevent them from charging you for energy you didn’t use. Once you have moved into your new property you will be solely accountable for the energy used in the property.

Many suppliers will try to put you on a standard tariff when you first move in, but this can be their most expensive tariff. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to get all your details lined up and prepared so that you can sign up for a more reasonable tariff. This is where the comparison sites can come in handy, giving you the best deals available at the time and allowing you to save money on your energy.

If you’re planning your move and haven’t yet planned in all the little details like swapping over your utilities, you might want to consider making use of storage. At Simply Storage we can help you with flexible storage options so you can take care of other aspects of your move without worry. Contact us today for more details or to discuss your requirements.

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