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Secret Storage Ideas

Modern interior design is all about clean lines and clean living, which is why you might have noticed the impeccably tidy bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms in design shows or magazine articles. This lack of clutter however, is a seemingly impossible goal for us to attain.

Everyone would like to have a home specifically designed and built to hide every bit of clutter but this isn’t possible for all of us. So what secret storage ideas are available to you so that you can keep your home as tidy as possible?

A Sofa Bed

When you have guests you want somewhere for them to sleep but keeping a whole room aside for guests all the time can be a little wasteful. A sofa bed is dual purpose, giving you somewhere to sit and relax, but can be changed to become a bed for guests. There are a variety of models to suit any budget out there and to keep the amount of furniture in your home to a minimum.

A Lamp Table

Designed to any store a few things in a secret nook, a lamp table can hold those books and magazines which were once strewn across the floor. It’s neither bulky nor intrusive, blending in with the rest of your furnishings.

A Window Seat

Any window which has a seated area under it is ripe for development. You can easily turn this into a hidden chest of all the things you want to keep in the house but which you don’t want scattered around.

A Pouffe

Common in most households now, pouffes can actually come with a little pocket of storage on the inside. The lid, usually on hinges, opens up to reveal a small chest of clutter, perfect for keeping the living room organised and welcoming.

Bedside Tables

When it comes to the bedroom it’s easy to let your junk build up. Books, accessories, paperwork, medicines and more can make a room look messy, but if you get bedside tables with drawers you can keep these things close to hand whilst keeping them out of sight.

A Mirror

Everyone loves a full length mirror, but why not get one with a dual purpose. You can now get mirrors which stand on a turning base, revealing shelves and storage holes on the back. This is perfect for your make up, hair products and anything else you need when getting ready, meaning your sides and surfaces are free from clutter.


If you have a lot of clutter in your home which you don’t immediately need, but which you don’t want to part ways with, then self storage could be the dream ticket. While it isn’t secret storage inside your home it does offer a way of keeping your home tidy whilst offering you regular access to your possessions should you need it.

At Simply Storage we offer a whole host of self storage options, whether you’re tidying up your home or simply need some extra space for all your belongings. No matter what you need storage for, why not contact us today and discuss your requirements with our professional and friendly team.

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