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Self Storage Benefits for Retired People

Retirement can be an exciting albeit daunting chapter of life. Leaving work behind, seniors are free to make the most of what life has to offer. Many people make significant decisions for their retirement including moving homes or travelling the world. Many of these decisions can be sustained by securing or storing away important possessions in storage units to keep them safe and potentially prepare them to be handed down to children or grandchildren. This article will highlight how self- storage can be very beneficial for seniors to make the most of their retirement.


Retirement can be a great time to declutter the home from a lifetime of collected possessions. Sorting through and clearing away items is both a great way to create a relaxing living environment and peace of mind. However, not everything needs to either be kept in the house or thrown away. By using a storage facility you can sort sentimental items and keep them in a safe environment, ready to hand down to the next generation.


Many seniors choose to travel and explore the world after they retire. This is a very exciting prospect, but it’s important that their homes and possessions are protected during the long periods away from home. Using a self-storage facility is a great way to protect sentimental or valuable items from accidents or theft. No one wants to return home from travelling the world, only to find that certain possessions they have kept for so many years have disappeared or been damaged as a result of their absence. Storing them away in a secure storage unit will let many seniors enjoy travelling with the assurance that their important possessions are safe.


People in retirement often downsize their homes for a number of reasons. It could be to bring in some extra money to pursue hobbies, interests or travel or It may just be due to no longer needing the extra empty space due to children leaving home. Regardless, downsizing is common during retirement. However, downsizing doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of lots of items. Self storage units provide space to store important possessions that need to be kept but won’t be immediately needed or won’t particularly fit in a smaller property.


For some, retirement is a time to adapt or improve their living situation by engaging in home renovation projects. Renovating can be fulfilling but also messy. Storing possessions in a storage unit provides seniors the space to undertake their renovation project whilst protecting precious items from getting damaged or dirty in the process.

At Simply Storage, we provide simple, safe storage facilities for all ages. Our spacious storage units will provide you with all your personal or commercial storage needs. For more information, get in touch with our friendly staff today.

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