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Self-storage FAQs

What is self-storage?

Whether you want to keep items aside during a move or simply keep your home free of clutter and mess, self-storage is the ideal way to keep your possessions safe when you don’t have the room for them. You’ll have access to your unit and it will be locked and secured for your peace of mind.

Why should I use self-storage?

Some people use self-storage as a way to house their possessions temporarily between moves until they can find the space to store their them, but there are a variety of other reasons people choose self-storage. Students can take advantage of storage if they need to travel back and forth between home and university.

How long can I use self-storage for?

Different facilities will offer a variety of hire lengths for their units, more commonly you can expect to have short and long-term storage available, while long-term storage can also be had, this is handier for businesses and commercial outfits.

What can and can’t I put in self-storage?

The idea of self storage is that you put in everyday items, whether they’re home or business related. Most facilities will help you load your items in if you need help but the majority of things going into a unit can probably be handled by two people. For the safety of everyone involved you won’t be allowed to store explosive or flammable items like petrol or fireworks – and it should go without saying that illegal and stolen goods will not be tolerated.

What size items can I put in self-storage?

All manner of things can go into self-storage and often people like to store their furniture or lots of business electronics. Units can range in size depending on the facilities with an average unit being 80 square feet.

How much does self-storage cost?

Prices will vary from facility to facility and you’ll want to ask around to get an idea about prices in your area. At Simply Storage you can contact us for more information and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.

Can I access self-storage easily?

Most self-storage units across the country will give you access to your possessions around the clock. Some facilities will even let you come and go with your own access code or keys for your convenience whilst still offering security through personnel and CCTV monitoring.

Do I need private insurance?

Your self-storage provider should be able to point you in the right direction for insurance as anything in storage probably won’t be covered by standard home policies.

Is self-storage secure?

The short answer is yes. You obviously need to ensure you choose the right facilities, but the professionals will have years of experienced with a dedicated security team and 24/7 CCTV monitoring so that you get peace of mind.

How do I find my nearest self-storage facility?

By taking a quick look online you’ll be able to find the best and most recommended facilities. You can also see whether they have testimonials, accreditations and memberships, as these are a good way to tell if the company is professional in their business practices.

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