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Self-storage Moments In Television And Film

Storage units are becoming more and more popular, and with this rise in popularity comes the inevitable screen time afforded to these operations. It’s a clear mark of an essential service when they’re featured in so many fictional television shows and films. They might not have all the glitz and glamour in their day to day operations, but here are five examples of self-storage enterprises popping up on our screens.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad has to be one of the most popular television shows in recent history. Faced with hospital bills he can’t afford and a terminal diagnosis of his cancer, high-school chemistry teacher Walter White falls through the dark, criminal world of creating and selling drugs.

In season five, in an episode titled ‘Gliding Over All’, Walter is taken by his wife to a self-storage unit. Here she has stashed the growing mounds of money which she can no longer launder at their car wash.

Storage 24

Written by, and starring, Noel Clarke, this British monster movie puts a group of people in lockdown inside a storage complex. They have no idea that a military plane has crashed and left classified wreckage dotted around. Soon, they become aware that they are locked inside this complex with an unwanted visitor.

There are plenty of places to hid inside this storage facility, but no way out for the group to escape from the pursuing danger, in what is a very British horror.


From 1931, directed by legendary Austrian filmmaker Fritz Lang, M is the story of a serial killer who is hunted down by criminals who have been besieged by the police following a series of murders.

Towards the end, the killer is found hiding in a storage unit full of clutter and is caught. This much loved classic is a precursor for all your favourite serial killer thrillers.


Running for 8 seasons, Dexter tells the story of a forensics expert working with the police who takes out his own form of vigilante justice by killing criminals who he feels have evaded the punishment they deserve.

In season 6 episode ‘Smokey and the Bandit’, Dexter follows a suspect into a storage facility complex. Here he finds evidence which points to the identity of the “Tooth Fairy Killer”.

The Silence of the Lambs

Another tense serial killer thriller, The Silence of the Lambs is a true classic. Pitting a young FBI agent against Anthony Hopkins’ Dr. Hannibal Lecter, part of the film includes the young agent finding a clue in one of Lecter’s riddles which leads her to a storage facility. Inside she finds a whole host of creepy items – including a hearse draped in the American flag.

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