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Storage Containers: Your Dream Home?

Everyone wants a larger home, or at least to feel that their home has a sense of freedom, so it’s little wonder that open plan living has transformed the way we build homes. A recent build in Northern Ireland, however, employed some rather unusual ex-storage materials to create an open-plan dream home costing £133k – shipping containers.

That’s four shipping containers to be precise, from the Belfast docks, taken by architect and farmer Patrick Bradley. He admits that it was a bit of a troublesome task trying to arrange them in their family farmland, with narrow roads just one of the barriers which had to be overcome. Stacked atop a concrete platform, the containers had to be welded into the cross shape, with two at the bottom and two on top which cantilevered out over a stream.

But who would want to live inside metal containers? There was still plenty of work to be done to turn these old containers into a luxury home in which a person could truly spend the rest of their lives. The area isn’t known for having any striking designs but it will be now, as this cubic, clean lined beast is nestled away in the countryside, stripping away any notion of the conventional and the traditional. Not content with such an impressive building as it was, a balcony has been created along with a roof deck.

The inside of this creation is no less spectacular than the outside, with both undergoing extensive work. On the outside, steel cladding was put in place for a rustic feel, while the inside was given a minimalist makeover, employing luxury fittings to add elegance and light to the rooms. The focal point of the interior design rests on a hammock bath made of porcelain – costing around £16,500 – which is just a small part of why the build cost £33k more than it is was due to. Inside there are two spacious bedrooms, a huge living space, as well as a kitchen and dining space which flow together.

Builders across the globe have been taking these discarded, seemingly dead materials and making them into something more. Pre-constructed spaces are popular right now because they present a unique space, and into that unique space you have to fit a design which acts as a functioning living space. Many people love the exterior shell of a shipping container and seem to place them as a celebration of what they once were, while others use the unique shapes but try to hide the origins. From the single container to multiple levels of stacked boxes, these creations go from modest living spaces for the individual to luxury family homes. With only 8’x20’ and 8’x40’ sized containers usually available there are some limitations, but this can be overcome through stacking and linking units.

If you have a construction project under way right now and want to use storage options for their more practical applications, then look no further than Simply Storage. You can store your possessions with us, allowing you to get the work done without worrying about damage to your things during any messy or dangerous procedures.

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