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The Best & Worst Places To Live In The UK

There are plenty of places we dream of living, some of them more far-fetched than others, but what about the places which are already within your reach? Moving can be stressful, but the payoff is huge if you’re moving to a place you really want to live.

There are a whole host of parameters by which you can judge places as being “good” or “bad”, it all depends on what you want from a city or town. In this article we’re going to look at three of the best and worst places to live based on several different parameters.

The Best Place To Live In The UK


The capital of Scotland, you can’t go wrong if you’re looking for somewhere steeped in history and with plenty of culture. Aside from this there is the very alluring statistic of people in Edinburgh having the highest average salary, with £29,588 up for grabs on average. This leaves people in Edinburgh with plenty of disposable income!


On the surface of things you might not pick Burnley as your first choice when moving, but if you’re looking to get on the property ladder or make some money by downsizing, this is an area with some of the cheapest housing around. There is plenty of countryside to enjoy and prices usually start from around £40,000, which is a steal compared to some areas.

Northern Ireland

Often overlooked as a part of the UK, figures released last year showed that parts of Northern Ireland had the highest levels of happiness. These were ratings given by the people themselves on how happy they were, with Omagh and Fermanagh ranking some of the highest in the UK.

The Worst Places To Live In The UK


With low disposable income, low employment rates and high rent prices, Bradford doesn’t shape up too well in the standings. To make matters worse, if you have children, or are planning to have them in the future, it might be worth noting the schools are more overcrowded than most and the GCSE A-C pass rates are low at 44%.


You might be surprised to see Westminster on the “worst” side of the list, and while there are many things which are great about life in London, the high prices and small living spaces leave a lot to be desired. With every square metre costing £7,586 on average, you’ll be paying over the odds for the smallest properties in the UK.


Nottingham has worked hard to shake its bad reputation over the years, but there is no denying it has one of the highest council tax rates, with the average of £1,676 annually. This, combined with having some of the lowest disposable income rates makes for grim reading.

If you’re planning to move, whether it’s just down the road or to the other end of the country, make sure you do your research and ensure the city or town is the perfect match for you and your family.

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