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The History of Self-Storage

Self-storage has been around in the UK now for around only a decade, it might seem like longer but it is actually still a relatively new concept for us here. It rose in popularity in the 60s in the USA for key locations such as Manhattan and has seen heavy use in other locations such as Hong Kong. Undoubtedly it was the crush for space which prompted this craze, with prices high for living space but simple box storage at a warehouse seemingly low in cost.

It took a long time to make it across the pond, arriving in the 90s but only really seeing a rise in popularity around 2000. Since this time there have been more and more self-storage companies rising in areas where space is tight, London being one example where, due to rocketing house and rent prices, people are forced to keep their infrequently used possessions elsewhere.

The average length a person keeps their things in self-storage has also risen, almost doubling in the last ten years. Some have suggested that we are becoming a nation of hoarders, with materialistic and sentimental ideals at the centre of our motives. It is claimed that our inability to let go of our possessions, even if it’s simply tat, has led us to put more of our lives into self-storage.

Another argument is that we are becoming less mindful of our things, putting them into storage and forgetting about them, letting the cost rack up without a thought. It’s not quite the same as a throw-away society, since we actually place high value to possessions we put into storage, but even with easy access it’s said that we generally don’t go back to our things. Some people even rack up more than they intend because they put their things “out of sight, out of mind”.

One thing we know for sure is that self-storage has become a beacon of hope in a time where property is becoming smaller. Where a full house would once have held space for all your possessions many buildings are now being divided into flats and apartments to rent leaving less room to store the non-essentials.

It’s not just a place to leave the garden furniture or your old books and CDs however, with lots of people using self-storage during a move. Summer time sees a rise in people ready to move and a great way of making this an easier task is to put a lot of your items into storage, this leaves you with a much smaller task on moving day and you can spread the amount of things you move over a longer period so it isn’t such an immediate hassle.

Previously there were only two options when it came to growing amounts of possession in your home; you either had to throw or sell some of it or simply put up with being over-crowded with the things you have collected. Now you can keep the things you want the most and also free up the space in your home.

Such is the success of the self-storage industry that business also utilise the concept to store documents and equipment in. In a similar quandary to homeowners, companies often find themselves short on space and tight on money so storage is an ideal interim solution until the business is ready to expand its existing premises.

For more information about self-storage and for cost-effective home or business self-storage then contact us at Simply Storage. Our professional team will help you find the right storage solution for your needs.

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