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The Self-Storage Industry Successful Startups

The storage industry, to many people, can seem like a dull subject, but what they don’t realise is that it has become a multi-million pound industry over the years. Society has become more reliant on storage for numerous reasons, and it’s becoming a resilient industry with a great deal of things to offer customers. This mixture of increased revenue and savvy business strategy is what continues to power the industry. To celebrate this success, here is one thing the industry got right – and several ways in which it may yet improve its services.

Flexible Storage Options

One of the biggest things the self-storage industry has gotten right over the last decade is the ability to give customers what they want. This means making it easy to put your things into storage and get them out again should you need them. Self-storage has had a dramatic impact on how many people use storage facilities as it opens up the market to a new customer base; students and other casual users in need of storage won’t be put off by having to lock their possessions away.

Similarly, flexibility on the length of the storage term has led to more people taking up the service. You no longer have to be tied down for months on end, with short term storage you’ll end up paying less for a far more convenient service.

Looking To The Future

With such a simple change to the industry garnering such success for so many people, there are plenty of ways in which storage companies could improve on this great work. Here are just a few things which appear to have great potential for future development:

  • Apps – We all use smartphones on a daily basis now, and with so many handy apps available it would hardly be surprising to learn that the storage industry could soon be providing you with a dedicated app. Some companies in the states already offer this service, allowing you to arrange your storage, have the items picked up and have them returned.

  • Multipurpose space – One difficulty which faces some companies is having empty storage spaces which costs the business money. A solution to this could be to diversify what the space is used for. Some companies have begun allowing bands to use the rooms as practice spaces but they could also be used as art studios for those who simply need a space to work in.

  • Lending services – With so many people storing items which they don’t really need but want to keep hold of, a lending service has taken off in the states. This service allows people to lend out their items to people to make use of them while they are in storage. You can set up your own inventory of items to share with friends and family; a unique and somewhat heart-warming solution to combat leaving your things unattended for so long.

The storage industry is getting stronger with each year, and while a saturation point is likely for a country such as ours, there are plenty of ways in which we can look to the future to make the chore of storage easier, more practical and more communal.

If you require flexible self-storage, look no further than Simply Storage. Contact us today for more details and we’ll be happy to assist you in arranging storage to suit you and your requirements.

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