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The world of storage boxes

If you ever stopped to give a thought to boxes you’d realise how important they are in our lives, while they may not always be glamorous they have always served us well when it has come to organising our things and containing our ever-growing piles of possessions. We thought it was about time someone took a moment or two to appreciate the variety of boxes available and how we utilise them in different ways for storage of our things. Whether you’re moving or just want to clear stuff away without having to totally part with it, here are some box types and their myriad uses.


Wooden storage boxes offer a range of practical functions; they can be both elegant and sturdy, making them popular for shipping as well as storing treasured items. When your possessions are travelling a long way, mainly when being shipped or transported via air freight, they need to be stored in something which is able to stand up to the buffeting winds and waves when in a cargo hold. Smaller wooden boxes offer extra security for your possessions when you simply want to store them long term. Many people utilise wooden storage boxes at home for such things as jewellery and sentimental items.


For possessions which we aren’t keen to have on display in our homes we usually purchase decorative boxes. These come in all kinds of materials and depending on what suits your taste and interior design needs you might have an antique trunk, a wooden toy box or a brightly coloured plastic box. Perhaps you don’t consider them to be storage boxes on the surface because they are usually bought through a ‘like’ rather than a ‘need’, but once in your home they become a part of your furniture.


One of the most popular box forms due to their lightweight but protective qualities. You can get a stack of collapsible boxes for far less than a decorative or wooden box, but you might not be so keen to have them lying around your home. That’s why these boxes are always better for storage out of sight, either in a dedicated storage facility or in the attic space afforded in your home. When packed and stacked properly these are the handiest boxes, having little sentimental value to your but serving a valid purpose.


Caught somewhere halfway between the practicality of cardboard boxes and the eye catching appeal of decorative boxes plastic boxes can be divisive. Some people dislike their look, preferring something with more character and charm. While for others the range of colours and sizes appeals for storage tucked away in the home – not quite out of sight but not exactly pride of the room either!

Your task is always made easier when you find the right kind of box for your storage needs. To find out about the great range of boxes and packaging we can provide then contact our team today. We can offer professional and friendly advice on how best to store your possessions regardless of whether it’s temporary for moving purposes or to create some space long-term in your home.

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