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Tips for winter self storage

With the arrival of bitter winds and plummeting temperatures, many of your possessions will soon become redundant, with many hibernating in your garage until winter is over. Self storage companies can keep your summer items in secure and dry conditions, ensuring that they are immediately ready to use at the first hint of summer. If you already use self storage, it’s now time to start removing certain items that will prove to be useful over the coming months. So what should stay in and what should come out? And what actions should be taken before you store? Read on to find out our tips for winter self storage.

Before you store

Don’t allow your items to linger in your garage or shed over winter. This can potentially lead to damage from the cold climate, not to mention the arrival of dirt and insects. Self storage is also a fantastic way to free up space and get all your unused items out of the way during the colder season.

However, to make the most of self storage, it’s vital that your items are in good, working condition before they enter the unit. Make sure to give your possessions a thorough clean, ridding them of any bugs, debris or dirt, as these can cause issues if allowed to linger for a long time. If any of your equipment is broken, try and repair it before storing it. You will thank yourself when summer arrives and you’re eager to start using your items once more.

Items you should put into self storage this winter

Pool/beach equipment – It’s time to wave bye-bye to fun and games at the beach, and instead hunker down for winter. Don’t let your floats and surfboards gather dust in a garage, as they may emerge several months later in an unattractive condition. Not only this, but the cumbersome size of sports equipment can clutter up your home and garage.

BBQ – It’s not wise to abandon your BBQ to the elements. Protect this expensive equipment by storing it in dry and secure storage to ensure it continues operating effectively.

Garden furniture – To boost the longevity of your garden furniture, it’s advisable to place it in optimal conditions to prevent moisture or cold damage. Guard your furniture from the elements by popping it into self storage.

Items you should take out of self storage this winter

Winter sports equipment – Skiing season is upon us, and it’s time to break out your ice skates and skis from storage, and get yourself ready to hit the slopes.

Christmas decorations – Get in the festive spirit by bringing out your Christmas decorations from storage, ready to adorn your house with.

Snow shovels – Winter brings lots of cheer, but also some harsh weather. In these instances, you don’t want to be caught out, so make sure you have your snow shovel to hand for tackling the tough conditions.

Winter tyres – Keep your family road-safe by placing winter tyres on your vehicle. If you have any available in your hired storage unit, now is the time bring them out and make use of their fantastic safety features.

Electric heaters – To avoid soaring central heating bills, electric heaters can be a godsend. These portable heaters are great for giving you that extra bit of warmth in winter, and it’s essential that they are removed from storage and ready to use as soon as the cold weather hits.

Keep your possessions in top condition this winter with the services of Simply Storage. We serve the Surrey and South West London areas including Surbiton, Wimbledon and Worcester Park, offering low price storage options that are fitted with CCTV cameras and alarms to maintain excellent security. Our specialists also offer secure transport options, helping you get your belongings from A to B without any hassle. For more information about any of our services, simply get in contact with our friendly team.

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