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Unconventional Uses For Self Storage

If you’ve been reading our blog, you are probably aware of the many benefits that self storage can afford. Whether you are moving home, moving away, or simply need some breathing room at home, self storage can help.

So, this is all well and good, but what about the more leftfield uses for self storage? For the most imaginative and resourceful among us, self storage can really be just about whatever you want it to be. From gyms to recording studios, a small, metal container can prove a lot more versatile than you might have initially thought.

With this in mind, this month the Simply Storage team will list some of our favourite unconventional uses for self storage.

A gym

Can’t exercise at home but still want the privacy? Well, a self storage unit can make a perfectly good exercise space! Assuming that the space is climate controlled, all you will need to bring is the relevant exercise equipment. Just grab some mats, weights and anything else you need for your workout – and you’re ready to go!

A rehearsal space for your band

If you’ve played in a band, or simply played a musical instrument for that matter, you will probably be aware of how difficult it is to find a place to practice that doesn’t drive family members and neighbours up the wall.

Self storage units offer an excellent space for this, however. With ample room, plenty of power points and, most importantly, hours of privacy, these units are in fact a rather clever solution to every musician’s problem.

A start up space for your business

Starting up a business is extremely difficult. Costs need to be kept low but, at the same time, a place to operate is crucial. For online businesses and small creative projects, a self storage unit which opens to the outside can make a useful working environment. Private, versatile and considerably cheaper than an office, a self storage unit could be just the place to see your business grow.

An art studio

If you are an artist who frequently works with physical materials like charcoal and paint, you will be aware of the mess this can make, and the importance of a studio to keep it contained! Creating a studio at home may not seem like an attractive option if you want to keep clutter to a minimum, but a self storage unit could be perfect! Simply lay down some newspaper, and you can keep your space as clean or as messy as you like.

Have any of these ideas inspired you to do something different with your storage unit? If so, we can help. Here at Simply Storage, we offer low price self-storage spaces with no minimum contract periods for both commercial and domestic usage. Count on our comprehensive storage hire services that’ll help you out no matter what situation you find yourself in. Call us today for friendly, professional advice or to hire out a unit today!

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