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What You Can & Can’t Store In Storage

Storage facilities are an excellent option when you run out of storage space inside the home. You can open up valuable space in your garage and get seasonal items out of the way; they’re a great option if you’re moving house or undertaking renovation work; they’re the perfect place to keep items with sentimental value that you no longer have room for. However, there are some items that you should never put into storage, including the following:

Gardening Supplies

Items such as lawn and potting equipment, compost and even seeds can be put into storage. It opens up space for other items in your garden shed, and your items will be ready to use when you need them. However, it’s advised that live plants shouldn’t be kept in storage. Not only is there not enough light, but the plant will not be fed or watered.

Pet Goods

If you’re getting ready to move and want the dog kennel, rabbit hutch or vivarium out of the way, then you can put it, along with extra pet supplies, into storage. However, it’s not permitted to keep live animals in storage containers – not only is it unfair, it amounts to animal cruelty.

Commerce Considerations

If you are moving or renovating your business, a storage facility can be a core resource should you need to keep items of furniture, equipment or files safe during such a time. It’s also ideal if you have records that need to be kept but which can no longer fit in your office. However, business storage facilities cannot be used to store cash or financial items.

Personal Items

Free up space in your wardrobe by storing your out-of-season clothes; store extra furniture you don’t need or have space for; keep Christmas decorations safe. While there are countless items you can keep in storage, it cannot be used to house flammable, toxic or hazardous items, nor can it be used to store personal cash.

Kitchen Items and Food

If you’re renovating your kitchen, a storage facility can be a useful place to keep any appliances, crockery and other items you won’t use for a few weeks. However, you should make sure that all food stays at home or is consumed. Perishable food and goods should not be kept in a storage facility; it is unhygienic, and the food may not be fit for consumption when you come to use it.

Illegal or Stolen Goods

Whether you know that items are legal or stolen or not, you can still be charged with a crime if they are in your possession. Anything stored under your name is considered your property, so keeping illegal goods in a storage facility won’t keep you safe from the law if you are investigated and the unit is searched. Always be aware, particularly if items have been shipped in from another country, of what you can legally possess in Britain.

Storage facilities are a great choice for keeping a huge number of items safe. They’re really handy when you are moving, renovating or just need more space. However, it’s always best to check with the provider what their rules and regulations are prior to using their facilities.

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