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What You Should Consider When Picking A Storage Provider

Whether you’re considering storage as a temporary fix while you move, or you’re looking at long term storage because you’re running out of room at home, there are plenty of reasons why self storage is the ideal solution for your needs. However, you need to be able to trust your storage provider and rest safe in the knowledge that you’re receiving the best possible storage.

Don’t rush your decision, the first company you find may not always be the best. You’ll want to do some research and this month we’ve got a few things which you should be looking out for when choosing your storage provider.

A Secure Site

When it comes to storage for your possessions there is nothing more important than the security of the site. One of the best ways you can assess the site is to visit yourself, in person you’ll be able to speak to staff and have them explain all the features of the site. Procedures, operations and how your things are kept secure will all become clear this way.

Cleanliness & Ventilation

Regardless of how long your things are going to be kept in a storage unit, you want to know that it’s going to be a clean and tidy environment. You won’t want to come back to collect your things and find that they’ve been sitting in a dusty and dirty unit – especially if you’ve stored furniture. In addition to this, you don’t want a mouldy or damp unit, so ensure there is good ventilation if you intend on storing anything important.

SSA Membership (UK)

Every industry has official standards. For the storage industry, this comes in the shape of European standards which companies must meet to gain their SSA UK membership (Self Storage Association United Kingdom). When you find a storage company with this official membership you can be assured of their quality – it sends a signal to let you know that you can expect a service which meets the standards set by the industry.

Storage Access

With self storage, the emphasis is on the fact that you should be able to gain easy access to your things yourself, so with this in mind the access is important. When you want to move things in and out, you don’t want to be working to someone else’s schedule. Additionally, check that the access to your unit is easily navigated; do they have lifts if your unit is on a different floor? Think about what you are storing and how easy it will be for you to come and go.

Meet The Staff

All services are somewhat influenced by the people who are employed there, so it pays to meet the staff at the storage facility to find out if the company meets your requirements. Ask yourself whether you think your things will be safe under their watch and whether there will be a physical presence at the site for you to interact with should you need assistance.

For professional, affordable storage solutions, you need look no further than Simply Storage. For more information or to discuss the storage options we have available, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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