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Where Can I Get Storage Boxes?

With all the stressful planning and decision-making involved in moving house or business, where to get storage boxes may not be the highest priority on your list. With that being said, a move can be made far easier, safer and more efficient if it is attempted with the correct moving boxes — so it may be worth giving it some thought. This article is going to list some of the place places you can find storage boxes and will be exploring which of these may be the best option for your move.

Retail shops

Retail shops gets huge amounts of stock delivered to their store each day, and much of it is packaged in cardboard boxes. Most supermarkets and retail shops will be happy for you to take away their empty boxes. Be quick though — ensure you arrive to the shop earlier to give yourself the best chance of obtaining the boxes.

From friends or family who have recently moved

If you know people who have recently moved, chances are they have an abundance of unneeded cardboard boxes. They will probably be grateful for you to take them off their hands.

Specialised shops such as local fruit or veg

Similarly to retail stores, specialised shops such as local fruit and veg grocers will likely have cardboard boxes left over after stock deliveries. Unlike with larger retailers, however, you probably won’t be facing much competition.

Recycling centres and facilities

Where do most people go to dispose of their unwanted, empty cardboard boxes? The recycling centre of course! You should be able to go to your local recycling facility and find cardboard boxes that people have left. Don’t feel guilty about taking them — by taking cardboard boxes that others don’t want and reusing them you are practically recycling them yourself – just shortening the process!

Reusing your own cardboard boxes

Many people have a plethora of boxes they can use for storage in their home, and not even necessarily from recent moves. Shoeboxes, boxes from old toys and even large food boxes are commonly found in every home and can be used to store all kinds of items for moving.

Online from moving companies

Another way to get storage boxes is from a reputable online moving company. The main advantage with this option compared is that these boxes are brand new. This can make a big difference to your moving venture. New boxes will be much more secure than boxes that have been previously used. It may be extremely costly to risk storing and transporting fragile items in previously-used boxes.

Plus, brand new boxes will be cleaner than old boxes, saving valuable time on cleaning when you finally unpack in your new home.

Moving companies, such as Simply Storage, offer various other packing materials with their boxes to facilitate a safe and efficient move into your new home. This includes tape, bubble wrap and even furniture covers. 

If you’d like to get more information about any of our services, give our friendly team a call today and we’ll be happy to help you further.

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