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Why use a removal company when moving house?

There are many costs involved when moving home so it is understandable that people don’t want to put their hand in their pocket and pay for a removal service. However, just as much as you might not want the extra expense you probably don’t want any more hassle than you’ve been through already. Here at Simply Storage we have collected the main reasons why people choose a removal service, we’re sure that at least a few of these reasons – if not all of them – will make you think twice about going it alone when you next move house.


There is nothing more important when it comes to moving home than the experience of having done it before. Even if you have moved several times in your lifetime you won’t have accrued as much experience as a team of professionals who do the hard jobs day in, day out. It’s their job to manage the project and see it through to the unloading and unpacking of the very last item. Unless you are a professional mover yourself then there will always be something a team of experts would be better at in relation to your move.


Lots of people rely on their family and friends when moving, but in reality no matter how much notice you give them and no matter how often you remind them, they might forget. On the day you could be ready to move your things and still be on the phone to your friend trying to rouse them out of bed, equally your family might be busy when you decide to move. With a removals company you can be guaranteed to start your move on time and have all the helping hands you need.

Health & Safety

Small boxes are easily moved but everyone has heavier items which require some real effort to move. Often furniture needs two people and if you don’t know how to lift properly you’ll be putting yourself as well as someone else in danger by even attempting it. A team of removal professionals will be specially trained for heavy lifting and all things health and safety so you don’t have to do a thing. You wouldn’t want to hurt your back and not be able to unpack in your new home after all!


The packaging materials often come as part of the deal when hiring a removals team. Whether you need bubble-wrap or storage boxes they will provide it and have everything ready for you when you move. If you leave it until the last minute to do yourself you might find yourself running around like a headless chicken, and worse still you could overlook an important item which will then get damaged in the move.

Flexible plan

Everyone has different needs, that is why at a professional removals company such as Simply Storage you can get a removal service to suit your needs. A flexible plan will help you get the move done as smoothly as possible with the right kind of help. A large amount of awkward furniture can be dealt with just as easily as a small van of possessions which need moving. Just speak to the project manager in charge of your move and get things done your way.

To find out more about quality removal services then contact Simply Storage today – our professional team can help make your move stress-free. Don’t struggle on your own, let us help you into your new home.

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