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Why You Should Use Self Storage When Moving Home

If you’re about to move home and have found yourself asking, “what am I going to do with all of this?” – take comfort from our simple expert guide that will provide you with the ideal stress-free solution. Move home with ease and put your confidence in self storage when moving home, offering help when you need it most.

Moving home

Don’t throw everything out last minute because you’re worried that you won’t have enough space in the moving van or your new home. Set aside belongings that you will not need immediately and take the important possessions along with you to your new home. By separating your goods, you will give yourself time to go through them when you’re settled. Using a storage unit will help you to make better, more informed decisions when deciding what can stay and what needs to go.

It’s also ideal to store large items such as dressers, wardrobes, beds and soft furnishings in your unit. Furnishings can be expensive – so it’s ideal to keep them, as you can pass them onto the children when they move out and make a start in their new home.

Selling your home

If you’re in a chain of houses and need to sell yours, the number one tip is to ensure that your home is clean at all times. Clutter is a strong ‘no-no’, it gives the impression that the house is not well looked after and will make rooms look much smaller than they really are. Show just how spacious your home is and give the viewers the wow factor they’ve been searching for.

By storing surplus goods, you’ll make a good head start by removing belongings from your home. When a buyer puts down the deposit, you’ll be pleased that you’ve already stored a good percentage of your belongings and come moving day, the rest will be a breeze.

Make space for the things you want to do with your new home

On moving day when you receive the keys, your removal van will be right behind you ready to unload your belongings. There’s no doubt that you will have boxes lying around for some time, which is why you want to make sure that you bring only what you need. Avoid piling boxes high with the use of a storage unit, so you can free up space in your new home – give yourself room to redecorate before introducing everything you own.

Quick ways to enhance your home

Empty your loft, allow potential buyers to see the bigger picture. A future loft conversion is a huge selling point, especially if the buyers are looking to maximise a home’s living area.Garages are an ideal way to store a car – they’re protected from extreme weather and kept secure when you’re away.

When you have a viewing, you may want to park your car in the garage to show them just how much space there is.Reduce the possessions in your shed, if it’s packed with more than gardening equipment and lawn mowers, you may want to consider moving bits and bobs into self-storage so buyers can make a judgement on the space rather than the organisation of your belongings.

*Buyers will be distracted by a mass of personal belongings, if you keep your home clean and clear then they will be more likely to see themselves living in your home.

Simply Storage have a wealth of experience and are there to help for those moments when you need it most. Whether you’re moving home, setting up a home office, moving to and from University – whatever it might be – you can rely on us to provide you with a low cost, no-minimum-contract-period self storage unit, for both personal and business use. Call us today for more information or to book our services.

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